Submitting Proposed Orders via E-Orders


E-Orders is a web-based application originally developed by the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Texas that is now fully integrated into CM/ECF.  Refer to E-Orders Overview video for additional information.


All proposed orders for Judge Jacobvitz, Judge Thuma, a visiting judge, or a recalled judge are required to be submitted using the E-Orders program, unless otherwise directed by chambers.  


If directed otherwise, the proposed order is to be submitted via e-mail.  


Judge Jacobvitz's Top Twenty Reasons Orders are Returned

Technical Requirements

Orders may only be uploaded in PDF or PDF/A format, and must contain a “.pdf” extension. No security should be applied to the PDF file. It is highly recommended that orders be created using a word processing application such as Word or WordPerfect and saved to PDF rather than scanning a printed copy of the document. This not only makes the order more legible, but also results in a text-searchable document.

Formatting Requirements

  1. Check the page size to ensure it does not exceed 8 1/2 by 11 inches
  2. Create a 4 inch margin at the top of the first page
  3. Do not include a signature line/block for the Judge
  4. Include "### END OF ORDER ###" after the body of the order as shown below:





  1. Format the signature line of submitting attorney as in the following example:


Submitted by:

s/ submitted electronically                        

Elena Springer

Attorney for Debtor

123 First Street NW

 Albuquerque, NM  87102-0123

 Telephone:  (505) 333-1111

 Facsimile:  (505) 333-1119


  1. Format the approval of counsel as in the following example:


Telephonically approved on 10/2/08           

John Smith, Attorney for First Fidelity Bank

PO Box 5678

Roswell, NM 88202

Telephone:  (505) 454-1111

Facsimile:  (505) 454-1112


  1. Include list of those entitled to service.  See Fed. R. Bankr. P. 7005


  1. Prepare the proposed order complying with the requirements above


Instructions for creating a 4 inch margin

Written Instructions

Microsoft Word


Video Tutorial

Microsoft Word



  1. Print/save the proposed order to PDF
  2. Upload a Proposed Order

Returned Orders

If a proposed order is found to be insufficient, an e-mail will be sent to the submitting party and additional recipients, if any. The e-mail will provide specifics as to why the proposed order is being returned.  The proposed order can be replaced once those corrections are made.


If you have questions, please e-mail the judge's chambers using the e-mail addresses noted above or call (505) 600-4640 for Judge Thuma's chambers or 505-600-4650 for Judge Jacobvitz's chambers.