Local Rules

The court's local rules and general orders are provided here. 

Local Rules - Effective 3/1/2023

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New Mexico Local Rules  (PDF Version)

Order Adopting Local Rules and Chapter 13 Plan  (PDF Version)  (Effective 5/1/2021)

Order Correcting NM LBR 3015-3(a) Defining “Gap Payment” for Purposes of the Mandatory Local Form Chapter 13 Pan (Effective 3/1/2023)


Interim Rules for Small Business Reorganization Act & Bankruptcy Threshold Adjustment and Technical Corrections (BTATC) Act

Order Adopting Interim Rules (MP Case Num:  20-001, doc # 1 - Effective 2/19/2020)

Order Adopting Interim Rule 1020 Necessitated by BTATC Act (effective July 20, 2022)

Redline / Clean Interim Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (Effective 2/19/2020, revised 4/23/2020)

Redline Interim Rule 1020 (effective July 20, 2022)


Archived Local Rules

New Mexico Local Rules (PDF Version)  (Adopted 11/15/14, Amended 4/1/19)

Order Adopting Local Rules  (Effective 4/1/19)

NM Local Rules (PDF Version)  (Adopted 11/15/14 with amendments through 12/1/17)

Proposed Local Rule changes (redline version dated 4/1/19)

11/15/14 - NM Local Rules (Effective 11/15/14 with amendments through 05/19/16)

Proposed Local Rule changes (redline version dated 9/22/17)

Proposed Local Rule changes (redline version dated 4/3/17)

8/2/10 -  NM Local Rules  (Effective 8/2/10 with amendments through 8/29/11)