NextGen CM/ECF

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico is live on the next generation of CM/ECF (NextGen CM/ECF).

NextGen brings new functionality that allows you to maintain a single login and password for efiling and PACER access in all federal courts (bankruptcy, district, and appellate) and to sign in one time to access all courts in which you have permission to file.

You must have your own PACER account, which will be linked to your CM/ECF filing account to access NextGen CM/ECF.  Shared PACER accounts may no longer be used by CM/ECF users.


Linking your CM/ECF Account with your Upgraded PACER Account

After the upgrade to NextGen, you will link your CM/ECF and PACER account. You will need both your upgraded PACER login and password and your ECF login and password for this process.  See instructions for Linking your CM/ECF and PACER account.

If you don't know your current CM/ECF password, do not reregister for an ECF filing account.  Please contact the court and they will provide you with a temporary password.

Obtaining/Upgrading a PACER account

You must have your own PACER account. If you do not, see the instructions for setting up an individual PACER account.

Does your firm need a Firm Billing Account (also known as a PACER Administrative Account (PAA))? For more information, see the Adminstrative Account (PAA) Manual.  Follow this link to create a PACER administrative account


If you already have your own PACER account but it was created prior to August 11, 2014, you must upgrade your PACER account. Accounts that require upgrading are easily identifiable by username.  If the username is two letters followed by four numbers, this is a legacy account and will require upgrading.

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