Unclaimed Funds

Unclaimed funds are monies held by the court for an owner who is entitled to the money, but who has failed to claim ownership of it. In bankruptcy cases, the trustee or the estate pays out money that has been collected from the debtor to pay creditors who have filed a claim in a case.   Sometimes the money paid out is returned as undeliverable because of a faulty or incorrect address or because the check was not cashed within 90 days.   The U.S. Courts, as custodians of these funds, have established policies and procedures for holding, safeguarding, and accounting for these funds.

1.  Search the Unclaimed Funds Locator to see if you are due to receive any funds from this court.

2.  If you are due funds, a Notarized Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds, Form 1340 and all required supporting documentation must be completed and submitted together for your claim to be processed.  Refer to:

a. Instructions for submission of an Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds

b. Requirements for additional supporting documentation

c. Supporting documentation for a Successor Claimant (if applicable)

Privacy Note:  Because documents filed with the Court are available through the Internet, the Court is committed to the protection of personal identification information.

View Unclaimed Funds held in the following cases:

 Crestview Funeral Home -Trustee's Report

Furr's Supermarkets, Inc. - Unclaimed Funds from Chapter 11 - Report filed 7/24/2015  (Updated 3/4/2020)

Furr's Supermarkets, Inc. - Unclaimed Funds from Chapter 7 - Report filed 9/23/2016  (Updated 3/4/2020)

*Note:  Furr's Supermarkets, Inc.  Many claimants have funds deposited under both the Chapter 11 and the Chapter 7 reports.  Please check both reports prior to submitting your application.

Questions concerning these procedures should be directed to the Financial Section at 505-600-4635.