Debtor's Signature

Verification of Petitions and Accompanying Papers:

Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1008, "Verification of Petitions and Accompanying Papers," states:

"All petitions, lists, schedules, statements and amendments thereto shall be verified or contain an unsworn declaration as provided in 28 U.S.C. § 1746."

To Comply, Use Our Local Form:

To assist debtors in complying with Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 1008, the Clerk's Office has prepared a generic form of signature page for debtors to use when a form or document does not include a signature block.  The form, "Debtor's Unsworn Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury," (select format:  PDF  |  Word ) should be attached as the last page of the document.  Alternatively, the unsworn declaration may be included in the document itself.