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Keywords/Topic Date Title Description Judge
Collateral Estoppel, Judicial Estoppel, Res Judicata, Summary Judgment, Waiver     05/14/2013     Baker v. The Bank of New York, et al     

Memorandum opinion denying defendants' motion for summary judgment on re judicata and/or collateral estoppel grounds

Judge David T. Thuma
Dischargeability, Dismissal     05/09/2013     Midas Auto Sales, Inc. v. Michael Allen Holley     

Defendant's motion to dismiss the adversary proceeding with prejudice denied. Plaintiff to file an amended complaint.

Judge David T. Thuma
Limitation of Actions, Time     05/08/2013     United States Trustee v. Ivan C. Brutsche     

Defendant's motion to dismiss the adversary proceeding denied because the U.S. Trustee's complaint was filed within the one-year limitation period set forth in 11 U.S.C. § 727(e)(1).

Judge David T. Thuma
Abstention, Chapter 11, Dismissal or Conversion, Public Utility, Turnover     04/26/2013     Picacho Hills Utility Company, Inc.     

Motion to dismiss for bad faith filing; Motion to abstain pursuant to § 305; and Motion to excuse compliance with § 543(a).

Judge David T. Thuma
Collateral Estoppel     04/24/2013     Doe et al v. Martinez et al     

Plaintiffs were entitled to summary judgment on § 523(a)(6) non-dischargeability claim based on application of Arizona statute which provides that a defendant who is convicted in a criminal proceeding is precluded from  denying the allegations of the criminal offense in a subsequent civil proceeding  brought by the victim, even if the criminal judgment resulted from a plea of no contest. (2013 WL 1755187 (Bankr.D.N.M. 2013); Case No. 7-09-15002 JL;AP No. 10-1039- Docket 66)

Chief Judge Robert H. Jacobvitz
Chapter 11, Confirmation     04/05/2013     Deming Hospitality LLC     

Debtor's amended disclosure statement argument.

Judge David T. Thuma
Contract Interpretation     04/04/2013     Western Wood Products, Inc. v. Western Pellet Products, LLC     

Debtor sought to reject contract and unexpired lease, but there was insufficient evidence before the court to determine whether debtor exercised proper business judgment.   Court determined that defendant was not in default under the terms of the lease or the contract, but the debtor breached the contract which would entitle the defendant to damages in the event the debtor rejected the contract and the lease.  Court may look to course of dealing, course of performance, and usage of trade to interpret the meaning of a contract. (2013 WL 1386285 (Bankr. D.N.M. April 4, 2013);  Case No. 11-12-10057; AP No. 12-1172 J – Docket No. 30)

Chief Judge Robert H. Jacobvitz
Collateral Estoppel, Discharge, Dischargeability     03/27/2013     Brito, et al v. Luna     

Dischargeability under 11 U.S.C. §§ 523(a)(2), (a)(4), and/or (a)(6), and denial of discharge under 11 U.S.C. §§ 727(a)(3) and/or (a)(4). 

Judge David T. Thuma
Adversary Proceedings - Procedural Matters     03/27/2013     Baker v. The Bank of New York, et al     

Motion for leave to file amended answer.

Judge David T. Thuma
Jurisdiction, Reaffirmation Agreements     03/26/2013     Katherine A. Maynard and James Maynard     

Motion to reopen case to challenge the enforceability of a reaffirmation agreement.

Judge David T. Thuma