2018/2019 amendments to NM Local Bankruptcy Rules

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Court has adopted the following new local rules and amendments to the New Mexico Local Bankruptcy Rules for the District of New Mexico, effective April 1, 2019:

            NM LBR 1009-1(c) (new)

            NM LBR 1009-1(d) (formerly subsection (c), amended)

            NM LBR 3015-2(c) (amended)

            NM LBR 3015-2(d) (amended)

            NM LBR 3015-2(f)  (amended)

            NM LBR 4002-3 (deleted)

            NM LBR 5005-2(a) and (d) (deleted)

NM LBR 5005-2(f) (amended; subsections re-lettered after deletion of subsections (a) and (d) so that former (f) is now (d))

            NM LBR 5073-1 (amended)

            NM LBR 7007-2 (new)

The amendments and new local rules are effective as of April 1, 2019 and apply to all cases and adversary proceedings commenced on or after the effective date and all cases and adversary proceedings pending as of the effective date insofar as just and practicable, unless the Court orders otherwise.

A copy of the Order Adopting Amendments to Local Rules is posted to the Court’s website. The redlined version of the new and amended rules will remain posted on the Court’s website under the heading Archived Local Rules.

The Court received and considered two comments in response to the Notice of Proposed Amendments to New Mexico Local Bankruptcy Rules.  The Court made a clarification change to NM LBR 3015-2(d) based on one of the comments.  The other comment did not require any further revisions.