NM Bankruptcy Court: Converting CM/ECF to NextGen

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Mexico will be upgrading its CM/ECF software to the Next Generation (NextGen) of CM/ECF in the upcoming months.  The upgrade will occur on July 26, 2019 beginning at 5:00 pm.  Users should expect the system to be down the entire weekend.

Once the upgrade is complete, filers will no longer be able to login to their CM/ECF accounts as they currently do.  Instead filers will login to CM/ECF through a Central Sign-On (PACER). 

There are some steps you can complete today so that once the upgrade is complete, you are able to e-file without delay.

 What you need to do now

  • Obtain your own PACER account.

Each attorney/limited user must have his/her own individual PACER account.  Shared PACER accounts will no longer be useable once the court has upgraded.  However, firms may set up a PACER administrative Account to help manage attorney/limited user accounts.  Administrative Accounts will be centrally billed for PACER access fees.  View instructions on how to setup an individual PACER account or to.a PACER administrative account


Upgrade your existing PACER account.

If your PACER account was issued prior to August 11, 2014, you will need to upgrade it.  Find out if your account needs to be upgraded.

  • Make sure you know your CM/ECF username and password.

If the login information is stored in the browser, it will be lost and not recoverable once NextGen becomes active.  If an attorney/limited user does not know his/her login or password, please use the password reset utility prior to July 26, 2019.

What happens next?

Further information will be published on the Court’s website at https://nmb.uscourts.gov/nextgen-cmecf.

About NextGen

For more information on the improvements and the upgrade process, including several Electronic Learning Modules, please visit https://www.pacer.gov/nextgen.  Questions may be emailed to the helpdesk at web_ops@nmb.uscourts.gov.  Feel free to contact the Clerk’s Office directly with any questions:  505-415-7999 / 1-866-291-6805