4003-1 Exemptions

(a)     Claim of Exemption; Schedules. A debtor asserting a claim of exemption in personal property shall list the property in Schedule C, using the numbered categories and descriptions for that property set forth in Schedule A/B. If the individual and aggregate value of property included in items 6 through 13, and 50 in Schedule A/B does not exceed the value of such property claimed as exempt, then, unless the court orders otherwise, it shall be sufficient to describe such property in Schedules A/B and C generically by such categories and to set forth in Schedule C by category the total value of the claimed exempt property.

(b)     Value of Property. The value of a claimed exemption shall be stated in dollar amounts on Schedule C. If the value of a claimed exemption is unknown or uncertain, the amount of the claimed exemption shall be stated as no more than the dollar amount of the maximum allowable exemption.

(c)     Allowed Exemptions. Other than for property that may be exempted in an unlimited amount, an allowed exemption shall be limited to the dollar amount set forth on Schedule C as the value of the claimed exemption, notwithstanding any determination that the property has a greater value than the amount or value claimed as exempt.

(d)     Future Proceeds. A claim of exemption of future proceeds of an unliquidated claim or cause of action shall include a description of the claim or cause of action.

(e)     Amendment. In addition to complying with the requirements of NM LBR 1009- 1, the debtor shall give notice of any amendment to Schedule C to all creditors and other parties in interest on the day of filing the amended schedule. The notice shall include the deadline to object to the amendment provided for in BR 4003(b). Note: Form NM LF 4003-1(e) was created by the clerk for compliance with this rule and with NM LBR 1009.