1. Click Bankruptcy Menu
  2. Click Objection/Response/Reply
  3. Click Reference an Existing motion/application
  4. Enter the case number.

    **When following the steps below, click the Next button to navigate to the next screen.

  5. Select Response from event list.
  6. At the Select the Party screen, select the party you represent. If the party is not listed, click on Add/Create New Party.
  7. The attorney association screen will appear if the attorney/party association does not yet exist. The check box is preselected.
  8. The following screen displays:

    Note:If filing a Response to Objection to Claim, STOP, and use the event Response to Objection to Claim found on the Claims Related and Other Events menu.

  9. Browse, verify and attach the document.
  10. Check the box Refer to existing event(s)?.
  11. Select the category to which your event relates. If unsure of which category to select, highlight all categories in the list.
  12. Select the docket entry in which your event relates.
  13. Docket Text:Modify as Appropriate.
  14. Review final docket text.
  15. NEF Displays