Trustee's Objection to Claim

  1. Click Bankruptcy Menu
  2. Click Trustee/US Trustee
  3. Enter the case number.

    **When following the steps below, click the Next button to navigate to the next screen.

  4. Select Objection to Claim from the event list.
  5. At the Select the Party screen, select the Trustee.
  6. If you are an attorney filer, the attorney/party association screen displays, if the association does not yet exist. The check box is preselected.
  7. Browse, verify and attach the document.
  8. Select the applicable Creditor and claim information from the list.

    The claim number will display in the Claims Selected field.

    • If there is no claim on file, click Next without selecting a claim.
    • Click OK on the message " You have not selected a claim."
  9. Enter the name of Claimant screen displays.

    • Enter the Claimant Name exactly as it appears on the claims register.
      • If objecting to more than one claim, enter the names in the same order as the claim numbers, separating names with semi-colons, and use "and" before the last claimant.
    • Enter the Amount of claim to which you are objecting.
      • If objecting to more than one claim, enter the claim amounts in the same order as the claim numbers. Separate amounts with semi-colons, use "and" before the last amount and use "respectively" after the last amount. The system will automatically enter a dollar sign for the first amount;enter dollar signs before additional amounts entered. (e.g. 50,000;$5,000;and $3,000, respectively)
  10. Docket Text:Modify as Appropriate. If you are filing an amended objection to claim, click on the drop down arrow, and select Amended.
  11. Review final docket text.
  12. NEF Displays